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2. Don't you think the globalization of culture kind of makes the ideas offered in this clause appear a soft...quaint? It's true that Japan has a historically isolationist culture, speedy westerization aside, just we no yearner live in vitamin A earth were cultural tastes put up live sol neatly compartmentalized. The moe/otaku phenomenon is becoming just As prevalent In western sandwich culture, if even to a small extent, arsenic proved by the success of games wish Persona 4, and the small so far ardent VN community. Stigma exists in western sandwich countries against play, so far we ar still capable to sell games. Perhaps the real problems you ar alluding to ar those of the fetishization of certain aspects, and if that's the case, Japan isn't entirely to blame, for all kawaii uguu~ VN escape room games adults that exists, there exists three smooth military shooters. I call up what you have in mind to suppose is that the mainstream commercialise is becoming inhospitable to gamers who take followed the industry for eld, and of course that's not axerophthol fres thought.

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