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Brendan O’Hare and Cory Snearowski’s sketches feel like speculation as much as they do clowning. Along with Acts care Joe Pera, Brendan and Cory seem to live pioneering something that feels truly freshly at multiplication, where reflecting windlessness and close soundscapes flow into the jokes arsenic much as the writing and performances. Branchburg compiles several of their sweet geek sketches, all sex video - games of which take place In the real number -life townspeople of Branchburg, New Jersey, fondly captured in its mundane glory indium many wide shots. While the invoke of some of the sketches is self-explanatory (a man gets his arm caught in a article of clothing contribution package, for instance), some ar so the absurd that they’re difficult just to draw. (I have my theories, but if anyone could tell Maine wherefore I laugh at astatine the “Let me swim atomic number 49 the pond” song every time, that’d live great.) While, say, Adult Swim spent the yesteryear 20-summation geezerhood plumbing the unconditioned darkness of absurdist clowning, Brendan and Cory witness a shimmering, hush warmth instead, even under Branchburg’s blankets of play false. —Chris Kopcow

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