Violent Video Games And Aggression Research

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To start with, The Hunger Games creates suspense to show that bank is the key to winner. An example of this is when violent video games and aggression research Thresh first encounters Katniss and Katniss is along the verge of dying. Thresh spares Katniss after learning most her confederation with Rue. He says they ar “even” and no Sir Thomas More is owed. An example to support this is, “You better run now, Fire Girl” (288). This gives me the thought that Thresh trusts Katniss and thanks her for saving Rue’s life. By not killing Katniss means that Thresh does not see Katniss as an enemy, therefore He sees her as an ally. Another example of suspense is when Peeta, Katniss, and Cato were sensitive and Cato had Peeta in a headlock nearly to kill him but Katniss saves him. It was antiophthalmic factor matter to of life and death to Peeta and he could have died. Therefore, when Cato had Peeta in antiophthalmic factor headlock Katniss had to swear Peeta to do his trump to serve her and escape.

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